Patent Infringement

Patent infringement is the unauthorized use of your property!

When a person or business uses your patent, they trespass on your property – your intellectual property. They take from you the revenue your patent produces for them, and would have produced for you. Under law, you have the right to pursue a civil remedy against a perpetrator of patent infringement, but a patent infringement lawsuit is often a David-versus-Goliath struggle. The patent infringement plaintiff is often an individual or a small business, while the patent infringement defendant is a large, well-financed corporation!

While copyright infringement may constitute a criminal offense in the US, patent infringement can only be prosecuted as a civil matter. This technicality aside, patent infringement robs you of your intellectual property and its well-deserved rewards. When somebody else profits from your ingenuity, your IP rights are violated. Click for more information on Patent Infringement.