IP Advisory and Consulting Services

Intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and other forms of intellectual assets) is a highly specialized field. IP Holdings offers a variety of IP-related advisory and consulting services through its patent brokerage unit:

  • IP Due Diligence: When a business or business unit is sold or acquired, the accountants are brought in to ensure that the assets that appear on the balance sheet are really there. However, most IP assets do not appear on a balance sheet, so it takes the specialized level of expertise that IP Holdings and its patent brokerage experts have to determine exactly what IP assets a business or other entity has.
  • IP Valuation: Similarly, when a business’ assets include intellectual property, determining the value of those assets is a challenge that requires highly specialized expertise.
  • IP Portfolio Management: Patents are diminishing assets. As a patent approaches its expiration, its value decreases significantly. Every business, university or other organization that owns intellectual property needs to periodically analyze its IP portfolio to determine how to make best use of its value. Are there patents that should be abandoned because they are not worth the fees it would cost to keep them current? Are there patents or other IP that could be sold or licensed to generate revenue? Are there patents or other IP that should be kept for strictly defensive purposes? And should IP be acquired to increase the strength and value of the portfolio?
  • IP Triage: Determining what should be done with each piece of IP in the portfolio – dividing them into core, non-core and worthless – is a key step in effective IP portfolio management.
  • IP Strategy: We help organizations that own patents and other IP develop and implement a strategy for those valuable – even possibly critical – assets. If a key company product is protected by a patent or other form of intellectual property, that IP is not just important, but critical, and the organization’s overall IP strategy must reflect that. If the IP Strategy involves divesting or acquiring IP, IP Holdings also offers patent brokerage services.
  • Technology Transfer: Is there IP that is being used in one application or one industry that can be applied to other applications or industries? The IP experts and patent brokers at IP Holdings can often find new industries and applications that can be turned into new sources of revenue!