All Things Patent

If you're looking for news on the biggest patent infringement lawsuits, a helpful glossary of patent-related terms and links to news about IPH's patent litigation, you've come to the right place!

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  1. Glossary of Patent-Related Terms: Definitions of the most common terms in the patent litigation lexicon.

  2. IPH's Patent Infringement Litigation: News about patent litigation undertaken by IPH affiliate companies.
  3. Patent-Related Links of Interest: Links to worldwide patent offices and some of the main intellectual property organizations and associations.
  4. Patent Value: Patent brokerage firm IPOfferings produces a quarterly report of patent sales, the Patent Value QuotientTM that divides the total number of patents sold by the total transaction to the compute the "quotient" or the average price paid per patent.

Patent Value Quotient is a trademark of IPOfferings LLC.