Patent Broker: Selling and Licensing Your Patent

One of the ways that IP Holdings helps commercialize innovation is to act as a patent broker for patentees that have chosen to sell or license their patents. IP Holdings works on a contingency basis, taking no payment on the front end, but being paid out of the revenue generated by our patent broker activities – the successful sale or license of our client’s patent.

Patent Broker Services
As an affiliate of both the oldest patent enforcement and licensing firm in the U.S. and the leading patent broker in the U.S., IP Holding is uniquely qualified to assist patent owners in the sale or licensing of their patents. Our patent broker services include:

  • Patent Valuation: We provide not one, but three, patent valuation services based on the client’s needs and budget. Our Patent Valuation Services data sheet details the valuation services we offer.
  • Patent Marketing: When we agree to represent an inventor or business as its patent broker, we put together a comprehensive marketing campaign that puts the patent in front of thousands of prospective buyers. Our Patent Brokerage Services data sheet provides the particulars of the comprehensive marketing program we design, develop and execute on behalf of a client.
  • Patent Prospectus: A key element in successful patent broker services is to create a marketing document that helps sell the brokered patent. We call this a Patent Brokerage Prospectus, and it uses state-of-the-art design elements to very effectively tell the story of the invention(s) covered by the patent, applications for that technology, and how the invention covered by the patent can be commercialized to the benefit of the acquirer or licensee.
  • Targeted Prospects: We develop a list of prospective buyers and licensees, then have one of our experienced brokers take the patent or portfolio directly to our contacts at these companies.
  • Negotiate the Sale or License: As a patent broker, we do not take title to the patents we represent. We represent the patentee. A patent broker is an advocate for the patent owner and a match-maker of sorts, matching sellers with buyers. It is our task as a patent broker to bring offers to our client which the client can accept or reject, or make a counter-offer.
  • Follow the Transaction to Its Conclusion: Once the general terms of the sale or license are agreed to, we work with both parties to finalize an agreement and consummate the sale or license.

Patent Broker on the Buy Side
IP Holdings also acts as a represent of businesses seeking to acquire patents. It is in the best interests of large corporations to be discreetly represented when they seek to acquire patents so who the acquirer is will not be revealed to prospective sellers. IP Holdings acts as the patent broker for acquirers of IP with the goal of acquiring patents for our client on the most favorable terms for the buyer.

IP Consulting Services
In addition to patent broker and patent valuation services, we offer a comprehensive package of consulting services that are all directed toward enabling our clients to better utilize and monetize their intellectual property and assets. Our IP Consulting Services data sheet covers the services we offer in this area.

Selecting a Patent Broker
Most patent brokers just make cold calls. And that’s OK, and it some cases it does result in the sale or license of the patent or patent portfolio. IP Holdings goes much farther, however, putting together a comprehensive marketing campaign for each patent we broker. Use this link to download our Patent Brokerage Services data sheet. It describes the complete package of patent broker marketing services we offer.

In selecting a patent broker, you will always do better working with a patent broker that – instead of just coming up with a prospect list and making cold colds – also uses state-of-the-art marketing to effectively and efficiently reach thousands of prospects that could simply never be reached just making sales calls.

The truly effective patent broker uses BOTH marketing AND selling to generate multiple offers for its clients’ patents. The IP Holdings patent broker formula provides just such a broad-based approach.

Getting Started with a Patent Broker
Since we represent clients on a contingency basis, we are very selective in the patents we agree to broker on behalf of their owners. Please complete this form so we can evaluate your patent (or other IP such as trademarks, trade secrets, technology, etc.) If your patent is a good fit for us, we will respond with a detailed patent broker representation proposal. If your IP is NOT a good fit for us, we will refer you to another patent broker that may be able to assist you.
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