Patent Brokerage: Sales, Licensing and Acquisition

When it’s time to sell, license or acquire patents or other IP, our patent brokerage division has the talent and manpower to get the job done. We have the specialized expertise required to sell, license or acquire patents and other intellectual property.

Brokering intellectual property is a totally unique undertaking. For the company that has no need for a specific patent, that patent has no value. However, that same patent has considerable value for the business that can benefit from it! So selling or licensing a patent is very much a needle-in-a-haystack proposition. The key is finding the right buyer or licensee!

Successful Patent Brokering Combines Research, Marketing and the Right Contacts

IP Holdings' patent brokerage team carefully researches each patent it agrees to sell on the client's behalf, creates a marketing package that details the applications for the patent, and implements a marketing program that puts the patent or patent portfolio in front of prospective buyers.

Our patent brokerage experts have the specialized talents needed to put together a marketing package and marketing program, as well as the contacts required to shop the patent(s) to the right people! We most often work on a contingency basis, taking payment for brokerage services from the revenue we generate for the client.

Patent Buying: The Advantage of Being Anonymous

IP Holdings can represent buyers of patents and other IP on a confidential basis. When acquiring intellectual property, confidentiality is important because once word is out that a company is acquiring IP in a specific area, the price goes up!

Also, letting the public know a company’s IP acquisition plans puts the company at a competitive disadvantage by letting others know in which areas its new product development programs are expanding. For acquisition clients, we work on a fee-plus-success bonus basis.

If you have patents or other intellectual property that you wish to sell or license, let our patent brokers analyze the marketability of your IP at no cost or obligation on your part. Contact us at or by phone at +845.368.4000, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., Eastern time (Greenwich+5).